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Tony bashing

Ugh, im so done with Tony. Poeple get so obsessive about him and i use to like him but he just never changes. he always insists he knows best then makes a huge mistake and just resets back to before the failure like thats a success. and then he blames his team! and then there's how he treats kids, calling harley a p*ssy and caliming that peter's nothing even though peter was trying to help everyone and tony didn't keep him in the loop! way to blame someone for your own miscommunication! and even when he's shown how he's hurt people - when yinsen tells him - he makes it clear he only cares because he was affetced, because of the americans killed. Its so damn americentric i'm sick of it. im done with Tony.

So I want tony bashing. I want fics where tony is forced to confront the way his carelessness has hurt people (yinsen with the bombs, the maximoffs with the bombs - even if obie sold them, tony didn't care to check they were being sold sensible!), how he's insulted CHILDREN under his care, how he refuses to take proper responsibility for things and just puts in like stopgap measures. i want fics where he's screwed over by the UN because he didn't read the fineprint and I want fics where pepper and rhodey finally see how selfish he is and get OUT of his toxic everything. I want fics where he's confronted by people he's hurt, or who has let get hurt and gets taken down a peg or two. or three. or INFINITE.

Fics where Tony is forced to go throuh actual character growth would also be good but mostly i want to see him suffer.
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