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Asking for Reccs

I am looking for stories like SophiaDragon's "Another Turn of the Wheel" series, wherein the story itself is Loki-Centric, isn't a rehash of MCU movies, and Loki isn't the villain (he goes on about his life and makes his own decisions, getting out from under the fallout zone known as "Thor, Lady Sif & The Warriors 3," as well as Odin's low expectations).

If her work is too unique to find a complimentary similarity, I also enjoy Jotun!Loki in charge:
"King" by anastasianott, "Bridges" by wnndarklord,

and PeaceHeather's "Skýli" is a treasure even if it's not Jotun!Loki.

If you know any stories that are similar, I would like to know! I've run out of good Loki tales to read!

Tags: character: loki, genre: au, theme: loki (bamf), theme: loki (jotun), verse: movies

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