qchanlover (qchanlover) wrote in avengers_search,

Thor and Loki please

I am looking for a fanfic it was in Archive of our own but I can't find it.
it was after the new york battle Loki was judged by odin whom took his powers and loki became a female jotun and Odin force loki to marry thor, and Thor rapes her (several times) to have a child. loki becames so depressed that with help of frigga he pretends his suicide. so he lives in earth but he does become pregnant and when he is having his childs (I think he had twins) he called the avengers since he did not know. but when he had them I think banner called for thor (who is really sad for his deceased brother) last thing loki saw before going unconscious was an angry Thor

thank '
It was "Lay Down Your Sorrow" by Nocturne1980 but is no longer up :c

and webarchive doesnt work


if anyone has a copy please comment

thank you
Tags: pairing: thor/loki, theme: loki (abused)

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