syntia_13 (syntia_13) wrote in avengers_search,

specific no-powers au with Tony x one of (not)supersoldiers

Recently one scene was eating at my brain, and I can't remember what fic it comes from.
I'm almost sure it was no powers AU.
I'm sure Tony was rich as usual.
I'm sure that the other person involved was dirt poor.
I'm NOT sure if that other person was Steve or Bucky.

The scene is as follows:
Tony: complains about traffic.
S or B: says they 'beat' the traffic by riding a bike to work\
Tony: Oh, do you ride (some motorcycle brand) or (some other motorcycle brand)?
S or B (embarrased): uh... a (old bicycle brand), I guess?
Tony: ... /facepalm /

Does that sound familiar to anyone?

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