Orange Kitten (venatricks) wrote in avengers_search,
Orange Kitten

Spiderman fics

So I got a few things I'd like to look for.

1) Field Trip fics are almost my favorite trope, like ever and I don't really know why. I think I've basically read all that AO3 has to offer on it, and there's a lot of compilations on Wattpad of many authors different fics but I haven't been able to search or other places

2)I've tried a few different tags and stuff, but I've only been able to find two or three works like what I'm looking for. I really want to read more stories where the avengers, or even the fantastic four, assume Spiderman's an adult when he's still a teenager, and kinda treat him like crap before they realize. I've read one Spideytorch where Johnny is a teenager and crushing on Spiderman and the four assume he's an adult and disapproves. I'd also like to find a few more fics where the avengers try to hunt him down, either for a misunderstanding or whatever reason and try to take him in. It doesn't really matter if they know Peter without knowing he's Spiderman or not but I'd prefer that.

3)Irondad/Spiderson fics, where they deal with school, either Flash being a bully or Peter getting in trouble for lying about his "Internship", or they deal with social media, and people knowing about Peter and Tonys relationship.

Basically anything with Tom Holland's Peter Parker. Please no starker slash and don't give me anything unfinished, I won't even look at it unless it's complete.
Tags: !recs compilation, character: peter parker, character: tony stark, genre: angst, genre: au, genre: humor, genre: hurt/comfort, movie: avengers, search: fic (recs), theme: civil war, theme: friendship, theme: hidden identity, theme: high school, theme: jarvis (protective), theme: media, theme: parenthood, theme: press conference, theme: relationship, theme: team (protective), theme: team theme: team!fic, theme: team!fic, theme: tony (bamf), theme: tony (insecure), theme: tony (parent), theme: tony (protective), theme: tony's robots, verse: movies

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