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Are there any fics that fit?

In my usual wandering around Avengers fics, it has taken root in my head that Erskine's SuperSoldier Serum was NOT the penultimate in serum creation. That while it certainly cured Steve Rogers' asthma, cardiac issues, small body size, etc. and gave him enhanced healing, strength, stamina, speed, it ALSO enhanced Rogers' mental/psychological issues. The poor, bullied aw-shucks boy from Brooklyn has become the bully, has become the stubborn beyond all reason and logic in regards to certainty of ALWAYS being the good-guy in the "right" and always fighting the corruption of government and the bad-guys in command. Pre-serum Rogers always garnered support and sympathy because he would stand against anyone who disagreed with him, anyone that HE viewed as a bad guy, as a bully; asthmatic Rogers from most indicators would deliberately provoke fights he had no chance in winning partly it appeared that he believed HE was in the right and probably believed his best friend would step in and save him and win the fight for him. Pre-serum Rogers didn't appear to have much sympathy/empathy for anyone that didn't support his ideas of what's good, what's right. Post-serum Rogers has a very black and white view of the world - because many (or even just some) governments have agendas that don't mesh with HIS ideals therefore ALL governments are bad/corrupt, because all laws don't fit his clear ideas of right and wrong and therefore because it might make it more difficult to do whatever Rogers felt was his current job, mission and of course he hated the idea of being questioned in regards to his decisions in the field, being held responsible he is against all laws that again don't fit with his ideals.... Are there fics out there that explore and/or support this possibility? Can anyone recommend fics that fit this idea(s)? Thanks in advance.
Tags: character: steve rogers, movie: avengers, movie: avengers age of ultron, movie: captain america, search: fic (recs)

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