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Bucky meets the team fic searches and a few other random team fic searches

I'm looking for a specific fic I read a while ago on ao3, where Bucky meets the Avengers team, and a more general search for Bucky related fics:
1. Bucky has been found and detained by SHIELD, who are interrogating him, treating him as an object, basically torturing him. But, Bucky isn't the Winter Soldier, or is at least semi lucid, and Coulson finds out about what SHIELD is doing, and eventually helps the Avengers stage a coo and rescue Bucky. I remember a part where Iron Man blasted through the cell walls and flew Bucky out.
2. I'd love any fics where Bucky is introduced to the team, but he already knew another member of the team(someone besides Steve or Natasha). Like maybe he somehow met Tony as a kid?
3. I'd also love any fics where the Team breaks one of their own-one of the Avengers, Bucky, Coulson, anyone they care about really-out of some kind of government/Shield/military holding/detainment.
4. Any crossover fics where someone from a different fandom-Charles Xavier, Neal Caffrey, Dean Winchester, anyone?-gets to know the Avengers, and maybe becomes part of the team/family, particularly if they've been abandoned/lost their own team/family.
Sorry for the ever growing list of requests.
Thanks a mill guys : )
Tags: character: bucky, character: steve rogers, genre: au, search: fic (recs), search: fic (specific), theme: kidnapping, theme: team!fic

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