tripletaco wrote in avengers_search

1 specific & 2 general searches

1. A specific search:  Steve/Bucky story where Steve learns about marriage equality while doing an interview, and runs out to buy a ring? I swear it was one of the top ones in the tag, but now I can't find it. 

2. A general search: stories where Thor joins Loki? There are plenty where thanks to Thor's efforts, Loki gets reformed and joins the Avengers, but I haven't seen anything where Loki convinces Thor to join him on the dark side. Preferably without mind control or any bad stuff between Loki and Thor! Thorki welcome :D

3. A general search: Steve/Bucky stories with canon Steve and  modern Bucky that has some secret skills? Like everyone thinks he's just a normal guy born in the 80s/90s, but it turns out he's actually an amazing sniper, or a genius, or some kind of mutant? 


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