spritekins wrote in avengers_search


I'm looking for 2 fics.

1st: Clint/Coulson but the part I remember is Darcy is Coulson's assistant and it takes place after battle NY and Coulson wants to meet with Steve for recruitment ideas and he wants Darcy to come because she joined Shield after battle NY and knew it was dangerous but joined anyway so he wants her input. It also has a part where Darcy is throwing things and Steve comes to get Phil, and they hear something crash.

2nd: Clint doesn't want to learn anything secure because of being taken by Loki. Coulson writes down the security codes to his safe houses and gives them to Clint to memorize without telling him what it is and Clint gets pretty pissed about it and tells Coulson it was stupid to give him that information.

Help is greatly appreciated!


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