iantojack (iantojack) wrote in avengers_search,

Deaged avengers

I'm looking for a fic that features de-aged Avengers. Somehow Tony is the only one who escaped the spell. But when he takes the kids back to HQ Rhodey also helps take care of the kids.

I really remember the art associated with the fic. It was on an orange background with the silhouettes of Tony surrounded by the kids in yellow. The art was very good because you could still place all the children easily.

I think that at one point Tony tells Rhodey that he suspects a few of them were abused. Rhodey kind of freaks out saying he doesn't know how to handle that. Tony says something like- well my advice to you is this, don't hit them
Tags: character: bruce banner, character: clint barton, character: james rhodes, character: natasha romanov, character: pepper potts, character: sam wilson, character: steve rogers, character: thor, character: tony stark, genre: hurt/comfort, search: fanart, theme: abuse, theme: deaged, theme: kid!fic

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