Cait Lynn (Cait Lynn) wrote in avengers_search,
Cait Lynn
Cait Lynn

Desperately looking for a Loki fic

Hi! I’m desperately searching for a fic I read on ao3. All I remember is Loki living in the tower with the avengers (can’t remember if it’s frostiron) and Clint gets angry and tortures Loki in revenge for NY. I think there’s something about him being whipped for every person who died in NY and something about his feet being hurt. I remember Steve and maybe Natasha taking Loki shopping and he has to walk around with his feet injured because he doesn’t tell anyone about the torture. IIRC at some point SHIELD captures Loki and they have to rescue him. I can’t remmeber anything else specific but I think it may be a Loki as a slave/collared Loki story.
Thank you so much for the help!!

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