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Blind!Peter/Wade story search

Hi all,

I'm looking for "Time to Heal by jblue leviathan 177" where Peter is blind and has a guide dog and meets Wade. I've also pasted the summary of the fic below!

I've been searching for a copy of this for awhile since I didn't even realise that the author had deleted her account. If anyone has a copy would be grateful if you could PM me. Thanks!

Peter is going to school for biochemistry. It doesn't matter that he is blind. He is surrounded by good people and has a nice apartment in a safe part of town. He can't complain. Except for when old memories surface he'd rather sooner forget and that old familiar ache tightens in his chest. Now he can't understand why Hulk is growling at his best friend, Harry.

Wade is a Navy SEAL. He's off duty, visiting New York for a few months. He crashes at a friend's apartment and his new neighbor is a blind boy with big brown eyes and has the biggest dog he had ever seen. Wade doesn't like Peter's friend and he's willing to do anything to keep the boy safe.
Tags: character: peter parker, search: fic (deleted)

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