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Looking for Bucky/Tony and Steve/Peggy fics

Hi guys, i am looking for two specific fics

The first one was Bucky/Tony.

Premise was that during the hunt for Hydra, Tony touched some device in one of their bases and it send him back in time, right into the moment Bucky fell from the train. He finds him injured at the bottom of the mountain. They hide in some cabin and Tony nurses Bucky back to relative health. I grow murky on the detail after that but I think that they eventually travel back to present where steve and Bucky reunite. Tony tries to be selfsacrificing idiot and is like I won't stand in the way of Stucky, but Bucky is like Don't be a idiot. I think it might eventually end in Bucky/Steve/Tony, but I am not sure.

The second fic was Peggy/Steve, but it also featured Pepper/Tony

Now I am pretty sure that I had this story bookmarked on A03 but it mysteriously disappeared. Idk, maybe author deleted it? Or maybe I just remember wrong.

Anyway in it Peggy, pretty depressed after Steve's death volunteers for one of Howard's science experiments and gets cryofrozen. The project gets shelved and she stays abandoned in some warehouse for decades. When Tony gets Howard's stuff she is discovered and unfrozen. She is in some facility to recover and I think she is suicidal. Tony comes to visit her and accidently revelas that Cap is alive, which she didn't know. She starts to cry and Tony is pretty awkward not knowing how to act around crying person. Anyway he help her set up so she can go to college and she and Steve start dating. Other detail I remember is that Pepper takes Peggy shopping, Tony is injured when disarming a bomb during some party and the whole story ends with Tony/Pepper wedding.

Thank you for any help!
Tags: character: bucky, character: peggy carter, character: steve rogers, character: tony stark, pairing: steve/peggy, pairing: tony/pepper

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