aficseeker wrote in avengers_search

3 searches: Steve/Bucky, and 2 Loki-centric

Story 1:

I think it was a modern Bucky/CA Steve story: they save each other from bad dates/uncomfortable situations? I think it was first Steve saves Bucky from a bad date, then Bucky saves Steve from one and invites him to hang out with the Commandos (who are all modern too).

Story 2: 

Events of Thor film went differently, and Loki did not kill Laufey. Later, he goes to meet with him, and asks if he had a son that was killed/kidnapped, and then reveals that he is that son... it was a longer story that had an entirely different focus I think, I just remember this one scene. 

General search: 

Any Loki-centric searches where he is raised in Asgard as in the canon, but then interacts with the Jotuns a lot, in a peaceful way? Reconnecting with his roots, that sort of thing. 


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