ladyhatshepsut (ladyhatshepsut) wrote in avengers_search,

Avengers release public figures and mutants from Hydra captivity, reveal doubles in their place

I'm looking for a story where Tony Stark finds out that Hydra has been producing doubles of public figures and political leaders and putting them in the place of those they've captured and are holding prisoner. They're also holding a lot of mutants. Tony and his crew go through the compound where they're being held, releasing them and recruiting them in the fight against Hydra. Pierce, Stern, and maybe Ross are a part of the conspiracy. I'm pretty sure Scott Summers (Cyclops) is one of the freed prisoners (and Rogue? Logan?), and either POTUS (Ellis?) or VPOTUS.

I thought it was part of the very long story Peachy Keen by AnonEhouse that I've been tweaking through for the last 2 weeks to finally print now that it finished, but I've read past that point in the timeline where it would happen and I'm not seeing it (unless she did a major edit and deleted it???) Hope someone recalls this scenario and it hasn't vanished in a poof of smoke.
Tags: character: tony stark, crossover: marvel, genre: crossover/fusion

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