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Post civil war fics team iron man

1) Looking for a fic where tony is badly frostbitten and fury comes in and pepper let’s him give him super soldier serum and metal limbs like buckys. Ex team comes up in elevator and is horrified by limbs(FOUND- in comment below)

2)CANNOT FIND-fic where Thor and Bruce come back and sign the accords, pepper and Jennifer Walters plan to ruin the exvengers- gradually leak stuff to damage reputation , Wanda’s journal included, public outraged. People apologize to Tony (Dr Stark) on news about blaming him for Ultron. Thor asks to do a press conference to confirm his stance on accords, berates Steve and others for actions-let’s slipin press conference about the winter soldier killing Stark’s, Thor says tony is a good man because if he had seen his parents murder and had the murderer next to him (and a friend who knew), Thor did not blame him for acting rashly. when reading accords in meeting with pepper and Bruce and Jennifer, Thor says he is a king and is used to paperwork, surprising pepper who thought he wouldn’t have that kind of response to the document.

3) CANNOT FIND-post civil war fic, tony and Bruce and vision in court about accords, vision takes last name banner-stark in court,tony shows hulk is fine and gets him to transform in court and hulk gives a fist bump

4) post civil war, Peter uses tony’s Burner phone to text Steve and pretend tony is ready to forgive etc. Cause he wants to talk to them/capture, Exvengers show up to forest in middle of nowhere where Peter is waiting, talking and ambush occurs, Steve and Wanda escape - when they are walking down a street, Steve bumps into little boy with his mom, he smiles at him- boy is terrified and mom screams and pulls him away. Break into shop, Wanda uses mind power so shopkeeper doesn’t yell- iron legion then surrounds the two and says it’s over and to surrender.(FOUND- Nobody’s Heroes AO3)
Tags: search: fic (specific), theme: civil war

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