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story where helicarrier tech has larger role

I was watching Astolat's Windmills of Your Mind video again (which I highly recommend BTW) when the scene on the helicarrier where Steve makes his big Hydra announcement over the speakers and the big guns stark coming out flashed by, where Rumlow (I think) points his gun at back of the head of the tech with the dark curly hair, who holds his hands up and ducks his head. I seem to remember a story where he had a bigger role in things, with part of it told from his point of view, his anger that Hydra was a deep part of the agency he was so proud to work for. I know that's kind of vague, too vague for me to recall where I read it in the first place. So I'm hoping that rings a bell with someone and they can help me out. Even just an author or title will be a big help.
Tags: movie: captain america, verse: movies

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