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Spesific Fic Search Mother Natasha

First time using this community and livejournal  so apologize if I do something wrong. 

There is this specific fanfiction that I love but every time I read it I forget to bookmark it and I have a horrible time finding it again. I have completely lost it this time.

It is an older one that I have only ever seen on 

This is most of what I remember of the fic:

Natasha had a daughter named Alexi while in the Redroom that she pretended to kill as ordered but actually hid in a safe house. One day this is discovered and after the girls baby sitter(an old woman) is killed keeping her safe Natasha sends her to america with wolverine (Not a major part of the plot but something to help narrow it down) soon Clint is sent to kill Natasha and he convinces her to defect and lets her hide some of Alexi's stuff with him so that SHIELD wont search it.

Natasha and Alexi reunite and Natasha works to become a full SHIELD agent while Clint is adorable with Alexi. 

Later Clint and Natasha fall in love get married and Alexi gets a little sister with a Celtic name that I can't spell but starts with a C.

The girls are really good at gymnastics (Oh by the way Alexi is like 12 and C is like 8), there is a scene where the girls are practicing gymnastics and C does somthing that would cause her to land wrong so Alexi calls out a word that means to drop off the bar and let her catch her. 

Maria Hill and Phil Coulson are a couple and like an Aunt and Uncle to the girls. 

Alexi gets captured by the redroom for a bit until Natasha and Clint rescue her and Coulson and Hill end up adopting two of the redroom girls.

The story goes on through the first Avengers movie where Alexi hangs out in Bruce's lab on the helicarier and makes friends. Clint mind controlled by Loki ends up nearly strangling Alexi and Natasha has a mild breakdown finding her daughter almost dead.

Alexi is part of the battle of New York and Tony and her bond over nightmares from trauma.

Hopefully one of you know the fic I am talking about. I swear I will bookmark it this time!


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