alex_lee_fandom wrote in avengers_search

Winteriron Sex Fanfic

I need help finding a fanfic. I don't remember if it was on AO3 or, but it was on one of those two sites.

The fic had Bucky approach Tony because he was guilty of his parents' death. They agree to have Tony exert his "revenge" on Bucky. Later, Tony ambushes Bucky and they carry out a rape scene (which isn't really rape as Bucky consents?). Some key points of this fic are that Tony pins down Bucky using poles that he drives through his legs into the floor, and Tony is revealed to actually have used strap on or dildo the whole time (Bucky passes out at the end and wakes up to Tony mopping the floor of blood while the dildo or strap on is in the sink). Bucky feels better after the scene while Tony is uncomfortable but at ease.

If you know which fic this is, please comment and tell me. Thanks!!


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