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Help me find an especific non/con Clint fanfic pls!!

I suddenly get this itch to read it from where I left offin, and I remember especific things from it but perhaps I'll get some parts wrong. I believe it was on AO3 but fear it might have been deleted, I also seem to remember there were just a couple of chapters.

Steve and Tony were at an event for the Avengers or something, chatting, drinking, when some brunette Russian girls whispered something to Steve and Tony's ears and somehow they lost all control. Back at the tower, Clint was at the couch watching TV when Steve and Tony arrived and walked closer to him. He sensed something was off but greeted them anyway, only for them to smile like sadistic fucks and Tony forcefully kisses him. Clint is alarmed but can't do much as they drag him to the elevator - it is pointed out how they are stronger than him. Somehow, mind-controlled Steve and Tony drag him to a room to the bed and Clint begs something along the lines of, "C'mon guys you already had your fun now let me go". They ignore him and tear his clothes off as he struggles. Steve holds him as Tony rapes him but I didn't really get if Steve raped him, too. The next morning they wake to a crying, (and bloody, I think) Clint. They are alarmed and ask him what happened but Clint snaps at them. He covers himself and hops into an elevator, where Natasha or Pepper I think, (It was most probably Natasha, you'll later see why,) finds him. Overwhelmed, Steve and Tony rush to try and explain to them what happened and they feel like shit. Natasha then along with Tony asks JARVIS to play the footage of the elevator that lead to that room, there is no footage about what's happening inside the room for obvious reasons. There they see the two brunette girls they saw earlier at the party doing some sort of ritual with a third gal that possesed a horrible appaerance, where they fused hands and chanted in Russian, while in the backround Clint could be heard crying and Tony and Steve moaning as they assaulted him. The ugly woman then adopts the nice appearance of the other two and there is silence as they go away, and Natasha, who recognized them right away, explains to them they are the (Insert some weird-ass Russian last name here) sisters.

That's where I left off, then she gives some backstory I think. Shit was interesting asf but I can't seem to find it on AO3 no matter how thoroughly I filter. If you could please help me find it that would be awesome!!
Tags: character: clint barton, character: jarvis, character: natasha romanov, character: steve rogers, character: tony stark, genre: angst, genre: dark!fic, search: fic (specific), theme: clint (hurt), theme: mind control, theme: noncon/rape, theme: steve (hurt), theme: tony (hurt)

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