jotunvicky (jotunvicky) wrote in avengers_search,

Any fanfic where Bruce gets sexually assaulted

Now, I'm a freakin' masochist and noticed a lack of fanfics where Bruce gets sexually assaulted in any way. I think it's an idea that hasn't been explored enough, (perhaps because... Hulk,) and so far I've only found and read Broken Truth from captainschmoop. I'm all for angst and crude, raw subjects, and I'd really love if you could help me a fanfic with such characteristics. Thank you beforehand!
Tags: character: bruce banner, genre: angst, genre: dark!fic, search: fanart, search: fic (recs), theme: abuse, theme: bruce (hurt), theme: non-con, theme: noncon/rape, verse: movies

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