bwolf_20011 (bwolf_20011) wrote in avengers_search,

Gen Tony fic of Wanda manipulating his mind

I'm looking for Gen fics where Wanda uses her powers to manipulate Tony's mind, maybe to torture him or changes/alters/erases his memories. It could be a villain Wanda fic. I'm also interested if there's some concerning Civil War fallout where maybe team Cap's dark enough to have Wanda mess with Tony's mind for their own benefit or revenge.

On that last note, I did once read a 'not team cap friendly' fic on A03, a oneshot where Steve and others break into Tony's tower and want to talk, in the aftermath of Civil War. It ends with Steve having Wanda resort to mind manipulation on Tony, but it never goes further than that and we don't see her doing it. It just ends. If anyone knows this specific fic, I'd appreciate that too. But I'd love fics that go further than that story.

Tags: character: tony stark, character: wanda maximoff, genre: gen, theme: mind control, theme: tony (hurt)

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