omoyasha wrote in avengers_search

Thor is dyslexic/has learning disabilities

Does anyone know of any stories where Thor is either dyslexic, or has the Asgardian equivalent of another learning or mild intellectual disability?  Because, like, Thor definitely seems to be BY FAR the least academically inclined in his family, and I think it would be really interesting to see something exploring the possibility that he doesn't just avoid it because it's boring, he's actually REALLY BAD at it (anywhere from "functionally illiterate" to at least having to sound things out and reading at a much lower level than most Aesir with as many years of education as he's had), and that's why he tends to leave the academics to Loki.
I'm especially interested in scenarios where the other Avengers don't realize at first — maybe assuming he doesn't read English because Allspeak doesn't work as well on writing, or something like that.


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