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Searching for a Darcy/Bucky Fic

Read a story a while back that I know I likely bookmarked but I have forgotten then the title due to time and saving many other stories later. It's been coming back to mind quiet and despite my best efforts I can't seem to the pin the fic down. So, I am turning to other WinterShock fan for help in finding this story

These are the highlights that I remember:

- Main pairing: Darcy/Bucky

- There was a misunderstanding between the two and Bucky came down to the labs to talk to Darcy, stuff happened (an anxiety attack ???) and he ends up headlocking/grabbing one of the male Stark employees who promptly peed himself.

- Security is called which make the situation worse and blow is out of poportion when they are under the impression Bucky has been triggered and tackle and taser him to the guard. The tasering causes Bucky to go into immediate cardiac arrest.

- Darcy spends the next while going through investigating who called security on Bucky. Ends up being a young prodigy that was snatched up by SI who harbored dellusions of attraction for Bucky and was pettily jealous of Darcy when he walked right past her without any acknowledgemenett whatsoever on his way to Darcy. She was that alerted security that the Soldier had been trigered as a means of teaching him a lesson in ignoring her and isn't the least bit repentent when informed of what her actions caused, even the worker that pee himself admonished her for using him as an excuse for etting reveng

- The scientist is handed over to Pepper Potts to deal with and its all but said the woman was going to be fired for her actions

- Clint was thankfully present to pervent Darcy from killing the younger woman and is the one that gleeful recounts the tales tot he others later.

Tags: character: bucky, character: darcy lewis, pairing: bucky/darcy

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