queenofworlds wrote in avengers_search

I'm looking for a fan fiction

In the fic Harry Potter is around 15 or 16. He lives with a lawyer and his with (both elderly). Harry is also Tony Starks son. He knows it but Tony doesn't. Because the ministry of magic wants to interfere, the lawyer goes to Tony and makes a deal, that Harry can stay there until the lawyer has sorted out that Harry is allowed to be independent. 

Harry goes to New York but doesn't want a relationship with Tony. It takes a long time until they start to get closer. In it is a scene where Harry tells Tony that he isn't his responsibility because Lilly was on medication (love potion) when she slept with Tony and Tony freaks out because he thinks he raped her. 

I think the main pairing is Steve/Tony. But the focus is the relationship between Harry and Tony.

I think I read it on ao3. 

If anyone has an idea what its called and where I can read it again, that would be amazing! I just can't find it!!!

Thank you!!!!


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