Sofia Diez (kingkiller69) wrote in avengers_search,
Sofia Diez

Specific Fic Search: Stuckony, Howard forces a soulbond/match on Tony with Steve/Bucky

Hi, searching for a fanfic here. I read it on AO3 but cannot for the life for me find it. Please help!

PSA, going in-depth and spoilers galore ahead.

What I recall:

It's Post-CA:WS with Steve freaking out and wondering why he cannot reach Bucky even though they are soulmates. Steve and Sam are talking about Bucky being alive without realizing Tony's listening and Tony completely freaks out. Running off, Steve and Sam are going WTF and Rhodey makes cryptic comments.

Low-and-behold it comes out that Tony didn't have a soulmate originally so Howard in his Cap-obsession decided to force a soulmate bond on Tony with Bucky in order to use him as a living breathing compass to Steve.

Other notes,

— Tony comes off as very spiritual and has a huge amount of knowledge about soulmates and bonds. With Bruce, Tony gives breakdowns of the soul theories

—To help Steve search for Bucky through their bond, they make a "dead zone" for Tony to jump in so that Steve can sense/hear Bucky without interference

—POVs switch between the OT3 and Bucky in his mental state refers to Steve as "the warmth" and Tony as "the light". He's cognizant that he's hiding from Steve and when Tony goes into the dead zone he's freaked and worried that he's being hurt at this point

—It comes to head with Pepper being held hostage in a restaurant, Tony trades himself, Killian kidnaps and tortures him. Bucky OFC goes for him and when Tony is rescued it feels like falling into a drug high.

—Post-rescue when Steve comes to see Bucky and Tony, Bucky refuses to acknowledge Steve stating that Tony is his soulmate.

—Steve and Tony at this point don't fall into bed/love with each other as Steve is, understandably, obsessed with Bucky-search and also struggles with "Howard's my ole' buddy" feelings

— Also, I think Tony interjects some humor by calling the Bucky search team (Tony, Steve, Bruce, Rhodey?, Sam?) as the BBBBB... team

Thanks for reading and help would be great!

Tags: character: bucky, character: steve rogers, character: tony stark, pairing: tony/steve/bucky, search: fic (specific), theme: bond, theme: soulmates, verse: movies

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