spritekins wrote in avengers_search

Bruce whump

Looking for a fic in which Bruce only gets to come out like 1x/week or 1x/month or something like that and when he is in charge of his body, he has to have another avenger with him so that they make sure he doesn't get hurt. Hulk is the useful one for the team and no one really pays attention to Bruce. Eventually Bruce stops taking his day out and then Hulk tries to make him and it ends with Bruce being super depressed and Hulk makes him stay out but Bruce goes to sleep and stays asleep. They end up on the Helicarrier and they have to call Dr.Strange and I think it's Tony goes into Bruce's mind and talks to the Hulk and to Bruce. Bruce does wake up and Bruce is malnourished and when he finally gets to go back to the tower, they knock him out because SHIELD is afraid of Hulk coming out during transport. Tony is angry at this. They have to make it so Bruce is more a part of the team.


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