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FOUND!!! - Okayyyy... I must be losing what little mind I have....

Found! Well not my mind *g* but the story I was blurrily remembering. Many thanks to steveanddanno for suggesting the 'good kid' by hailingstars. I have another series to read and it helped point my search to 'Thunder and Lightning' part 3 of the Thunder and Lightning series by ObservationalObsessive

Both stories/series are a great read! And thanks again to steveanddanno for the great suggestion and help!

I thought I recalled a post here searching for a story in which May Parker gives up her guardianship of Peter after she learns he is Spider-Man and has been keeping it a secret from her. Tony is there and initially tried to make May see reason, the situation escalates wherein May basically all but shoves Peter out of her life (during her rant she talks about how she never wanted children - that Peter was an wanted burden thrust upon her and Ben. Now that Ben is dead she's trapped in the position of sole guardian to Peter. She is absolutely beyond irrational in regards to Peter keeping secrets from her) and Tony steps up after to take Peter in. Both Peter and Tony have secret reservations in regard to Peter living with Tony. Although Peter is certain May will take him back after a couple of days.... But she doesn't and Tony stepped to take a more proactive role model for Peter. Months and months later she finally changes her mind.
Okay - did I imagine the original post? It doesn't appear in my history of bookmarks. Sigh.

Help? Any help would be greatly appreciated. TA.
Tags: character: tony stark, movie: avengers, movie: iron man, search: fic (specific), theme: tony (bamf), theme: tony (competent), theme: tony (parent), theme: tony (protective)

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