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Bucky Rescues Steve from a Building; Sam is there, too

Hi all!

Made an account just to look for this specific fic (hope I'm doing this right, apologies if not! Feel free to delete it, if not, too, I'm really sorry for any inconveniences). I think -

Sam and Steve are on the hunt for Bucky (in a country similar to Russia, I think? The civilians don't speak English), and get side-tracked pulling people from a burning building. Bucky (as the Winter Soldier) rescues Steve from said building. He ends up taking Steve to the nearest hospital, which is really far, and Sam kinda just follows along for the ride (he tags along). I think it's a two-parter. I remember really specifically that the town they were in had one ambulance and I think it got damaged in the fire/was occupied, so Bucky walked while carrying Steve.

I'm really sorry if this was too vague, and any help is appreciated!

Tags: search: fic (specific)

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