jotunvicky (jotunvicky) wrote in avengers_search,

Any fanfic that deals with Thor having choked Tony in AoU

Heey. So, as you read. I'm looking for any rec of fanfics (or fanart, pretty much anything) where Thor choking Tony in Age of Ultron is the main subject. Preferably where it leaves sequels on Tony's health, Protective Team Stark, or Thor faces Consequences, along with the rest of the team. But any fanfic dealing with the subject is very welcome. Cuz that was real fucked up and I am a salty bitch

So far I've read Seed Lightning, A Little Green Snake (In the Grass,), Us Against The World, and one where Tony was in high risk of suffering strokes given the choke and the Avengers not thinking it a big deal while they are sued.
Tags: character: bruce banner, character: clint barton, character: fury, character: hulk, character: james rhodes, character: jane foster, character: jarvis, character: loki, character: maria hill, character: natasha romanov, character: pepper potts, character: steve rogers, character: thor, character: tony stark, genre: angst, genre: canon!au, genre: dark!fic, genre: hurt/comfort, genre: post-avengers, movie: avengers age of ultron, pairing: any, search: fanart, search: fic (recs), search: other, theme: abuse, theme: civil war, theme: fix-it fic, theme: jarvis (protective), theme: ptsd, theme: tony (abused), theme: tony (bamf), theme: tony (hurt), theme: tony (insecure), theme: tony (overworked), theme: tony's robots

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