Nyxelestia (nyxelestia) wrote in avengers_search,

Doctor Who/Avengers Crossovers?

Two specific fics plus a general rec:

1.) Specific fic: Steve meets [Rory and Amy in New York in the 1930s...] Rory and Amy in New York in the 1930s after they got trapped there forever by the Weeping Angels, before he gets the serum.

2.) The Doctor (I think 11, though it might 10) lands somewhere in the modern day sometimes after the Chitauri Invasion, SHIELD captures him and interrogates him, trying to see if he's a hostile alien. The Doctor used to know Thor and Loki when they were kids.

3.) Any other Doctor Who/Avengers recs? Any pairings, ratings, characters, etc.

Thank you!
Tags: genre: crossover/fusion, search: fic (recs), search: fic (specific), theme: time travel

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