jotunvicky wrote in avengers_search

Anyone's got the fic titled Transgressions from AccursedSpatula?

Hey. So, someone recommended the fanfic to me a while ago. I went looking for it only to realize that it had been taken down by the author, AccursedSpatula. A couple of other people on here had it saved but I can't remember whom. In the fanfic, Loki kidnaps Thor, turns him into a mortal and rapes him. Thor then tries to hide what was done to him from the team. I had been told other details I don't remember right now. I wanna read it 'cuz as far as I've seen it's got a lot of protective team and abused!thor, which is not a really usual mix for me, and the plot sounds super interesting. Even though Thorki is really not my thing, it is obviously not portrayed in a good light in the fic. I was wondering if any of you guys had it saved somewhere or knew somewhere else to find it, because I really want to read it badly.


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