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Search fanfic serie "jotunheimr" by Aylithe

Hello everybody,

I was a huge fan of the serie "Jotunheimr" written by Aylithe. It was a story in two parts where Laufey discovers Loki parentage and Loki has to stay behind in Jotunheimr and try to fit in Jotnar society and his family (Laufey, Byleistr,, Farbauti and Helblindi). There is also a romance with Sigyn.

I have recently seen that Aylithe erased its accounts on Ao3 and (as well as all other social networks, I hope the author is doing ok).

Does anybody have perhaps downloaded this wonderful serie or part of it and could send it to me? I would like very much to read it again.

Thank you very much!

Tags: character: laufey, character: loki, character: thor, movie: thor, pairing: loki/sigyn, search: fic (deleted), search: fic (specific), theme: loki (jotun)

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