Zig Zag wrote in avengers_search

Specific Jotun Loki Fic


I remember this fic, I think it's pretty old,  

Loki was on Jotunheim in his Jotun form, either he got left behind after the post-coronation battle, or maybe he went for answers after fighting with Odin.

He gets caught/arrested for trespassing in the temple

Loki gets recognised by his lines and becomes part of his Jotun family again. I think Helblindi likes him but maybe Byleister doesn't (at first) 

There was a scent where one of his brothers takes him to a tavern and he gets challenged to a pit fight

I think at the end of the fic when they are all happy family Odin sends a letter to Laufey requesting a peace treaty via marriage between their sons so Loki has to go back to Asgard and marry Thor which wasn't /bad/ but there were sad feels about leaving his Jotun family 

Thank you in advance <3


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