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Based off of the myth of Loki’s punishment

I have this fic I really wanna reread stuck in my head but nothing I use to look for it yields results so I turn you all in my hour of need.

What I remember is:Thor asks Tony to make him a container Tony has no idea what he needs it for but later finds out.Turns out Loki’s punishment for his involvement with the invasion was the punishment he was given for Baldr’s death in the myths, to be chained to a rock in a cave with the head of a snake poised above him dripping venom onto his face.Thor has a device that helps him reach Loki in the cave since it’s only accessible by magic.The venom is more like an acid to Loki’s skin and it has burned away the flesh of his face to the point that when Tony has finished the container and goes with Thor to set it up Loki is barely recognizable as the venom has eaten part way through his skin and muscles to leave exposed bone in places, possibly including one of his eyes. When Bruce finds out he almost Hulks out. I don’t remember about Nat, Clit, Coulson or Fury. I know it was a gen fic because almost the entire thing is about Loki’s removal and recovery from the torture.

Tags: character: bruce banner, character: loki, character: thor, character: tony stark, genre: angst, genre: dark!fic, genre: gen, genre: hurt/comfort, genre: post-avengers

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