daveysmsmurder8 (daveysmsmurder8) wrote in avengers_search,

Team Tony fic

Hi, I'm very new to this site and I'm hoping that I get this right.

I've been searching for a Team Iron Man fanfiction for some time now, after I accidentally deleted my bookmarks.
The fic in question has a specific scene where the rogue Avengers have been split up while on the run. Wanda is spotted stumbling around in a foreign country and the Accords Panel calls in Captain Britain and his team to apprehend her. At the same time, Ross gets wind of these plans and puts together his own team to go in guns blazing, even around civilians.

I'm pretty sure it was a completed fic of decent length, because they go into a lot of real world politics.
If anyone has any idea of where I could find this fic, or even a copy of it,I would be so grateful!
Thank you!

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