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Loki has children on Asgard

***FOUND:  As Told By Loki  https://archiveofourown.org/works/5451812

I'm (again sorry) looking for a specific loki fic from a while back, 

After the Avengers Loki is semi-free I think, maybe on house arrest in Asgard. Anyway he had previously fallen from the bridge and met an alien in the void (I think it's race was something along the lines of 'star-travellers') So when Loki gets back to Asgard he is pregnant, loves the baby very much and is a fantastic parent. 

Anyway a few years later I think Heimdal finds the Aliens home world so Loki & Thor go find him to tell him about the baby, baby-daddy is very happy but after a journey through the universe he can't leave home again for a few centuries or something? So they bang and Loki goes back to Asgard. Then boom, another baby.

I think both the kids are mute and Loki invents Asgardian sign-language for them. Jane marries Thor and when they have a kid she is jealous of what a good parent Loki is. Loki ends up falling in love with a kind guard who helps look after his kids and they also have as baby (and a miscarriage) I think they end up married.

I have searched and searched and searched, any help appreciated, or even just confirmation that this fic did exist and is not a wild figment of my imagination :)

Thanks in advance!


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