aficseeker wrote in avengers_search

Stories where Steve chooses Bucky over Wanda & evil Wanda in general

So I've been reading some Tony/Bucky stories lately, and a common theme in them is that Bucky doesn't trust/want to be around Wanda since she's Hydra, but Steve keeps telling him she's changed, just a kid, etc etc, which drives Bucky away and he ends up joining Tony.  (Such Sweet Revenge by ali_aliska for example) 

Which kinda gave me the idea, are there any stories (Steve/Bucky or in general) where Steve realizes Wanda is a villain who only joined the Avengers to save herself, and Bucky is right to distrust her? (I'm salty about her as you can probably tell)  

Or just stories where she is the villain and gets what she deserves. Steve realizing the truth about her is optional, I'll be happy to read Tony vs Wanda or Bucky vs Wanda stories too, as long as she loses. 


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