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(FOUND) Loki and Clint are connected by magic and running from SHIELD Together

So i'm searching for this specific fic i read a while ago, i don't remember how it actually starts, but at the beginning Thor informs that loki is tied with some sort of magic to Clint and if they get separated (i don't know the exact distance) Loki will die from a slow and painful death. I think SHIELD is still testing Clint's capacity to be back in the field, so he's living in a SHIELD room and debating if he kills Loki or not, at some point (i think is beacuse HYDRA infiltrates in SHIELD but i'm not sure) They both end up running from "SHIELD" and hide in a secret base, they are there for a while, Loki sleeps in a Cell i think and Clint sleeps in other room and watches Loki with the security Cameras. I'm almost sure the have sex once or twice (it's very rought, not romantic at all, clint hurt's loki cause they both know Loki wants it) and one time Thor goes to this place and start beating up Loki and Clint stops him. After a While Fury, Nat (i think Phil Coulson too, but i'm not sure) and two agents (from Agents of SHIELD, i can't remember their names) find them but they don't let Clint go in the field again cause they think he got kind of unstable with all the situation, also, he can't separate from Loki and the won't bring him to fight Hydra. The problem is that one of the agents is secretly HYDRA or something like that and drugs Clint, they go in a Jet and he wakes up and stops the agent and then remember that Loki and he are connected by the magic so he tries to rush to the base thinking the god died but when he gets there he realized he's still alive and Loki is very grateful and starts regenerating again (If they separate, Loki's skin would start to burn or something like that).

That's all i remember but i reaaaally want to find this fic :( /i don't know if it was deleted or not, so if you have a copy or the link pls let me know)

I FOUND IT, the fic is called "screaming mute and seeing blind):


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