kuwlshadow (kuwlshadow) wrote in avengers_search,

MCU Rewrites on focus on Tony Stark

I have read at least three stories that focus on rewrites of the MCU to change pairing with Tony Stark with another MCU pairing other than Pepper Potts. I just finished reading a pairing with Tony/Natasha Romanov called Darkness Will be Rewritten. Story link I recently read a pairing with Tony/Clint Barton (Story Link) and Tony/Stephen Strange (story link) as well. They are basically rewrites just to fit the pairing in but not total rewrites of the latest MCU mainly Iron man story line. Has anybody read any others that can suggest? I posted the links of them so you get the idea of what I’m asking. Thanks.
Tags: character: tony stark, movie: iron man, pairing: any, search: fic (recs), verse: movies

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