tiniasian wrote in avengers_search

Tony @ a bankrobbing? Protects Clint. Gets shot!?!

Heyo, im looking for a specific fic this time. Im sure this fic contains different one shots in every chapter based on themes... Anyway, I remember in one chapter, Clint is walking around and stumbles upon a bank robbing. And to make matters worse, he sees that Tony is in the bank as well. Things work out, they stop the robbing. But a guy gets away. The avengers meet after, laugh about Tony being in the wrong place at the wrong time... but then Tony sees the guy who escaped. The guy aims a gun at Clint and fires. Tony dives for Clint and gets shot instead. Steve later has to run Tony to the hospital. Anyone know this fic? Would really like to know where it is. Please and thank you! :)


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