Miss Wawrzeniuk (tarja_hietala) wrote in avengers_search,
Miss Wawrzeniuk

Looking for deleted fic

I was going thru my bookmarks on diigo and got to a dead link. Story I wanted to read has been deleted.
Subject line is:
Light Breaks Where No Sun Shines - captainshellhead, vibraniumstark - Marvel Ultimates [Archive of Our Own]
As far as stupid decisions went, Tony was fairly certain that nothing would ever top sleeping with the sheriff. In his defense, he hadn’t known who the attractive blonde was at the time, and he wasn’t planning on staying long enough for the sheriff to find out who Tony was, either. It wasn't just the law Tony was running from, it was the past as well, and he couldn't afford to wait around for it to catch up to him. Now if only he could convince himself to leave.

Anyone know where I could find that? Do you have a copy you can share with me, please?

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