khami_doll (khami_doll) wrote in avengers_search,

Loki different career move

Hi, Okay like the title says I am looking for fics where Loki while on Asgard makes the choice to do something other than a diplomat or scholar. Like a black smith, teacher, healer what ever that gets him away from the crown and the politics and where people were not expecting him to do.

This can also go with with Avengers I have read where he is a fashion designer, personal assistance, lawyer, business man, art student, scientist. I would like other career's explored with Loki.
Tags: character: loki, genre: au, genre: canon!au, genre: crossover/fusion, genre: gen, genre: modern!au, genre: post-avengers, genre: pre-avengers, verse: cartoons, verse: comics, verse: movies

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