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Hey! I'm searching for a fic that I had lost track of.

Main Relationship:
Peter Parker
Tony Stark

I remember that Tony and Peter grew close and Tony started converting the Tower into a more homey space- even repurposing the Rouge's floors. Back in Wakanda, the Rouges find out what happened in Siberia. Scott turns himself in (and Clint as well? I'm not sure). Anyway, theres a scene where Peter finds Tony trying to assemble an IKEA shoe rack and helps him when Tony gets a call from Tchalla. Turns out that one of the Rogues (Scott) is gonna be held there and Tchalla and Shuri are bringing him. Theres a scene where Tony is cooking dinner and Peter steals some of it, causing Tony to playfully smack him with a spatula when Tchalla, Shuri, and Scott walks in on the domestic scene. They all eat dinner and all the while, Scott is wondering just who the hell Peter is because he's getting some father/son vibes between Tony and the kid.

It was on Ao3
Tags: character: peter parker, character: tony stark, genre: gen, verse: movies

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