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Looking For : The Team Moves Into The Tower

So I read this fic a while back on AO3 and I enjoyed it immensely and read it several times. A few months later after fandom jumping multiple times, I returned to the Avengers and eagerly searched my bookmarks for this particular story only to find that it had been deleted..... I am hoping that it was posted elsewhere or someone has something they can send along...

This is what I had for bookmarkers notes:

The Tower is Tony Stark’s Home for Wayward Heroes... It's a bit like walking into an episode of Big Bang Theory. Except with more weapons.

Pepper handles all the details of making Tony’s visions come to life, and the rest of the team took an interest as well, down to Miss Lewis and Agent Coulson, (except for Steve who sticks his head in the sand).

Clint does practical testing that involves lots of explosions, Natasha goes to meetings Pepper and Tony can’t make to scare people into compliance
Darcy herds cats for a living, she and Phil try to keep a lid on this shitshow so the in-Tower carnage doesn’t spill into the streets.

Phil LMD. * Unfrozen Caveman Cap. * Thor's Press Conference. * Rhodey visits. * Kiss, Kiss, Goose. * Howard's an assclown and Tony has issues.
Everyone has issues. * Tony is allergic to feelings, he’ll break out in hives. * Bucky's cognitive recalibration. * Tony whacked his head hard enough that he's saying everything he's thinking out loud. * Cyborg surgery on self is a no-no. * Professor X and Magneto help out.

Sadly, I do not remember the title or author for this fic.... This is my last try before I give up.... :(

.....Hopefully something is familiar to someone, I can share my email if needed.




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