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Stevie Cidras
Stevie Cidras

Tony, Clint, and Natasha as family. (Found)

I'm looking for a fic I read in the last few months on AO3 that takes place right after Siberia. Tony is in a coma and Clint shows up in his room. If I remember correctly, he was only with Team Cap to try to keep them in check and to report on what they were doing and Tony knew about it. The same with Natasha. She 'betrayed' Tony to keep damage to a minimum. She shows up later as well and Tony does wake up with both of them being super protective. I could be mixing up fics and I'm sure there was more but does anyone know this fic?

Never mind, I found it myself. If anyone is interested it's Saving Family by StarSwathi on AO3.
Tags: theme: natasha (protective)

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