foreversaudade wrote in avengers_search 😟sad

Looking for a lost Loki angst fic

One year ago I read this Loki centric fanfic. Now I can't find it at all. Here is what I remember about it.

  • The two main characters were Loki and Phil Coulson.
  • Loki was pregnant.
  • This monster was attacking near where Loki lived. Phil found Loki, and Loki accidently teleported them to a underground bunker or something.
  • The reason Loki was pregnant was because he had escaped to another realm and he met someone. He later found out that that person was researching Jotuns and turned Loki into his Jotun form while he was asleep which allowed Loki to become pregnant.
  • Phil and Loki make it through the tunnel.
  • It was probably on ao3.

Thank you in advance for any help.


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