Shelby Haber (Shelby Haber) wrote in avengers_search,
Shelby Haber
Shelby Haber

Looking for a Steve-saves-Loki Fic

Hi, guys!
I've been looking for a particular fic for a century, and I'm hoping that you guys can help me. I haven't seen it in a few years, so I'm sorry that there's not a ton of detail.
What I know for sure happens is, at some point, Steve finds Loki tied under a snake and uses his shield to catch its venom.
I'm pretty sure it starts with Odin torturing Loki, and the Avengers save him. Then, I think it's Thanos that does the snake thing. I think the dungeon with the snake is in a different dimension (or something like that), so Steve finds Loki by walking through a portal.
Does anybody recognize this fic?
Thanks a bunch!!

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