brushed_velvet (brushed_velvet) wrote in avengers_search,

OT6 - team bonding through sex specific fic

Looking for a specific fic set in the early days of the team forming.

Steve's strategy is to bond the team through group sex. He floats the idea to the others in a measured and considered way,explaining how well it worked with the Howling Commandos back in the day.

The rest of the team agree to give it a go. Steve orchestrates the orgy whilst adapting his technique to each person as required - I remember Bruce being particularly wary and Steve being really attuned to his viewpoint.

The thing I loved most was Steve's emotional intelligence, which I remarked upon in my feedback. It wasn't just PWP.

I only comment on AO3 fic mostly but tag/history searches have failed me.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!
Tags: character: steve rogers, kink: gangbang, pairing: ot6, search: fic (specific), theme: bond, theme: team theme: team!fic

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