bclar wrote in avengers_search

Clint and tiny clever monkeys

Hey guys, I'm looking for a specific fic on AO3, maybe 15,000-50,000 words.

On a mission, Clint comes across a lab with animals that were obviously experimented on. He takes home a group of tiny monkeys (I think they were Tamarins), builds them a shelf to live on and installs ropes and trees in his living room, essentially turning it into a jungle gym for the monkeys. Clint lives in Bed-Stuy or Brooklyn or something, not in the tower or the mansion, and Bucky lives in a different apartment in the same building. Over time it becomes increasingly clear that the monkeys are smarter than they should be, and there is some action/plot towards the end of the fic where the monkeys save Clint from bad guys.

My search-fu hasn't turned up anything. :( Can someone help?


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